All hail The Aristocrats!

The AristocratsEnglish guitarist Guthrie Govan, German drummer Marco Minnemann, and American bassist Bryan Beller formed an unlikely “rock supergroup” when they were introduced to each other at a music convention in California in 2011. But the chemistry they immediately found upon playing together got them thinking: what if we really try to build something on this?

And so it was… into the studio they went… and discovered that it wasn’t just a “one-off” kind of feeling. Two studio albums (the eponymous “The Aristocrats” in 2011, and “Culture Clash” in 2013) and an absolute TON of world-wide touring later, they’ve really put the term “group” into that oft-overused phrase “supergroup”… and now we’ll finally get a chance to see The Aristocrats here in Thailand! Read More »

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Now Here This: A legendary guitarist producing great new music

John McLaughlinJohn McLaughlin will be making his first-ever appearances on stage in Thailand on March 17 and 18, 2014, with his latest band The 4th Dimension.  The CD Now Here This is garnering great reviews, but, after all, it’s hard to avoid superlatives when speaking of John and his long and incredible career in music.

“John McLaughlin is one of the most celebrated, widely regarded guitarists in jazz history, and one that helped to change the music forever in the same way that Wes Montgomery and Jim Hall did before him.” – Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

“McLaughlin was peerless, mixing psychedelic rock, R&B, gypsy jazz, flamenco and Indian raga techniques. That polyglot mastery earned him huge respect from jazz and rock peers alike.” – Rolling Stone, 100 Greatest Guitarists

“The modal jazz, jazz-rock, fusion and the ever-present blues that has largely defined McLaughlin’s unique five-decade musical adventure are all in the mix, though artfully distilled to maximize melody and lyricism…  The 4th Dimension has evolved to a point where the sky’s the limit.  In concert?  Surely unmissable.” – Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

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Paco de Lucia, 1947-2014

“Paco was a real man. Real in the sense of true; to himself, to his music and to everyone else. A man in that he was passionate, but had true compassion and deep understanding of the human condition. All this was revealed in his music and in his marvelous guitar playing. To have worked and played music with him is one the greatest blessings in my life. To say I will miss him is an understatement. In the place where he lived in my heart, there is now an emptiness that will stay with me till I join him.”

John McLaughlin, Feb. 28, 2014

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    John McLaughlin and
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    November 1, 2015

    Guitar legend John McLaughlin has spent his storied career expanding the boundaries of jazz, fusing electric rock, Indian, and other world music styles in his own unique way. John returns to Thailand for a live concert with his band The 4th Dimension on November 1. Tickets on sale now at ThaiTicketMajor sites!

    “John McLaughlin is the best guitarist alive.” – Jeff Beck

    “What John McLaughlin did with the electric guitar set the world on its ear. No one ever heard an electric guitar played like that before, and it certainly inspired me.” – Chick Corea

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